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O.C. x Jet Fuel GelatoWinterized BHO CoinHigh Latitude FarmAlpine Extracts74.26%0.17%$10/1g (10 pack)
Blue City DieselBHO ShatterMixAlpine Extracts71.57%LOQ%$8.5/1g (10 pack)
Chem 91 x Jet Fuel GelatoBHO ShatterHigh Latitude FarmAlpine Extracts72.41%LOQ$8.5/1g (10 pack)
Cherry SliceBHO ShatterMixAlpine Extracts65.71%0.20%$8.5/1g (10 pack)
Cookie FetishBHO ShatterGanja GirlAlpine Extracts72.25%0.19%$8.5/1g (10 pack)
Don CristoBHO ShatterScissortail FarmsAlpine Extracts79.78%LOQ%$8.5/1g (10 pack)
GuavaBHO ShatterBula FarmsAlpine Extracts70.25%0.18%$8.5/1g (10 pack)
I-95 x Triangle Kush (TK)BHO ShatterGanja GirlAlpine Extracts71.66%LOQ%$8.5/1g (10 pack)
Jack FruitBHO ShatterBula FarmsAlpine Extracts70.77%0.22%$8.5/1g (10 pack)
JackalopeBHO ShatterBula FarmsAlpine Extracts71.61%0.23%$8.5/1g (10 pack)
KiwiBHO ShatterMixAlpine Extracts71.25%LOQ$8.5/1g (10 pack)
Lemon x Face-Off OGBHO ShatterScissortail FarmsAlpine Extracts74.77%0.23%$8.5/1g (10 pack)
Mango MojitoBHO ShatterGanja GirlAlpine Extracts71.43%0.21%$8.5/1g (10 pack)
Motor BreathBHO ShatterBula FarmsAlpine Extracts65.92%LOQ%$8.5/1g (10 pack)
Papaya PunchBHO ShatterMixAlpine Extracts66.71%LOQ%$8.5/1g (10 pack)
Powdered DoughnutsBHO ShatterHigh Latitude FarmAlpine Extracts71.54%0.20%$8.5/1g (10 pack)
Rainbow BeltsBHO ShatterScissortail FarmsAlpine Extracts69.92%0.21%$8.5/1g (10 pack)
SherbadoughBHO ShatterNo Bad HazeAlpine Extracts68.25%0.21%$8.5/1g (10 pack)
Tropical ICEBHO ShatterMixAlpine Extracts72.90%LOQ%$8.5/1g (10 pack)
Ugli FruitBHO ShatterScissor TailAlpine Extracts68.92%0.20%$8.5/1g (10 pack)
Rasberry CookiesBubble HashBurnt River FarmsBurnt River Farms47.90%LOQ$10/1g (10 pack)
Sour AppleBubble HashBurnt River FarmsBurnt River Farms50.05%%LOQ$10/1g (10 pack)
Sour Strawberry TrainwreckBubble HashBurnt River FarmsBurnt River Farms53.30%LOQ$10/1g (10 pack)
The TruthBubble HashBurnt River FarmsBurnt River Farms51.75%%LOQ$10/1g (10 pack)
Banana SplitDistillate CartridgeCannananda Cannananda 69.60%0.30%$15/1g; $10/.5g
BC Sweet ToothDistillate CartridgeCannananda Cannananda 49.40%0.52%$15/1g; $10/.5g
Bruce BannerDistillate CartridgeCannananda Cannananda 63.90%LOQ%$15/1g; $10/.5g
Critical MassDistillate CartridgeCannananda Cannananda 48.60%19.30%$15/1g; $10/.5g
Critical MassDistillate CartridgeCannananda Cannananda 32.40%12.80%$15/1g; $10/.5g
GG1Distillate CartridgeCannananda Cannananda 72.41%0.46%$15/1g; $10/.5g
Harlequin TsunamiDistillate CartridgeCannananda Cannananda 5.88%73.20%$15/1g; $10/.5g
Jack HererDistillate CartridgeCannananda Cannananda 49.50%LOQ%$15/1g; $10/.5g
Key Lime PieDistillate CartridgeCannananda Cannananda 71.13%0.44%$15/1g; $10/.5g
Snoop DawgDistillate CartridgeCannananda Cannananda 47.40%0.33%$15/1g; $10/.5g
Sour Chem OGDistillate CartridgeCannananda Cannananda 48.10%0.43%$15/1g; $10/.5g
Woody OGDistillate CartridgeCannananda Cannananda 71.60%0.44%$15/1g; $10/.5g
Agent OrangeHashMoto PerpetuoMoto Perpetuo18.3%%LOQ$10/1g (10 pack)
MAC 1HashMoto PerpetuoMoto Perpetuo21.5%%LOQ$10/1g (10 pack)
PHKHashMoto PerpetuoMoto Perpetuo25.30%LOQ$10/1g (10 pack)
Psych. Fruit BombHashMoto PerpetuoMoto Perpetuo27.94%%LOQ$10/1g (10 pack)
Purple Ghost KushHashMoto PerpetuoMoto Perpetuo33.62%%LOQ$10/1g (10 pack)
The OGHashMoto PerpetuoMoto Perpetuo33.69%LOQ$10/1g (10 pack)